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cody reece yoga logo newWhen I first started digging into yoga it was purely a form of exercise. I did not know much about it other than I would show up to my local studio and do some postures (some of which I could not pronounce and had no idea what they were talking about). After watching the person next to me on the mat come into various anjanayasana forms I quickly put myself into the same pose and wondered if that was the way it was supposed to “feel.” The teachers would mention various components of yoga philosophy/lifestyle in class and I thought to myself “wow that is pretty cool; Samadhi (being contempt) is something I need to practice more on.” I would then go home, take a nice shower, and forget about the class’s theme. Fast-forward a few years later, I completed numerous yoga teacher trainings, my MSN, and practiced hours on end on my mat and now I am finishing my advance yoga therapy training while completing my MBA in Finance. My grounding place was my yoga mat (how yogic does that sound? I promise it can become your grounding place also).

I decided to start this blog to help others learn more about yoga in a practical, realistic, and hopefully humorous form- similar to what I bring to my private lessons and classes. When I first started yoga the only time I heard about the yoga philosophy was from the teachers in class (back then I chose my teachers based on their music), while the girls next to me on the mat talked about their local lululemon goods they recently purchased. I had no where to go to find out more about yoga philosophy and the lifestyle (if you so choose it) other than random Google searches and yoga book purchases, which sometimes proved way more complicated than the actual concept itself. This blog will focus on various topics and components of the yoga tradition. Whether it is to learn more about various asanas, yoga philosophy, listen to an amazing Spotify playlist or to just take a free video yoga class with me- I hope you find this site helpful. Don’t forget to comment, like, and share this post!

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